Here is a sampling of Client testimonials.

Some are semi-professional photographers who have a photography business in addition to a regular day job and some are aspiring photographers who I tutor in Photoshop, Lightroom and Digital Asset Management skills. Some are business owners or students who need some individualized attention to grasp the workings of Adobe Creative Applications. Some are editorial clients who need specific work done. All are welcome.

2-7-18 - This from John Pierce, MD. John is a retired US Army Colonel and an avid wildlife and landscape photographer. This is what he had to say about our tutoring sessions:

"Gerry is just what I was looking for.  He listens to what "I" want to learn and takes me there in a calm and patient manner.  I was born before "computer genes" were handed out and have struggled learning anything on a computer as nothing comes naturally.  I had somewhat learned PC's while in a 40 year government career but several years ago was convinced to get a Mac for my photography work.  I had again somewhat learned Apple's Aperture program but as they have discontinued development and support was changing over to Photoshop and Lightroom.  I took a PS course at Montgomery College and because there were 40 folks in the class who all wanted to learn something different, I basically learned nothing!  I had tried Youtube videos and found them somewhat helpful but again not what "I' needed. 

The learning environment with Gerry is quiet and non distracting.  I tend to talk and tell stories but he does not take up my time by telling his stories and is all business in teaching me what I want to learn.  He has even made short videos for me to learn from while at home and has offered to do distance training if that is what I want.  Gerry has been truly excellent and I could not be more pleased. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Pierce, MD
Colonel, US Army (Retired)   

Attached is an example of what Gerry taught me to do with my images.  This image is a composite of four photos in sequence. The work involved post processing in Adobe Lightroom and compositing in Photoshop.

Eagle fishing at the Coniwingo Dam in Maryland.

Eagle fishing at the Coniwingo Dam in Maryland.


12-17-17 - This from Dr. Gay Byron. The Rev. Dr. Gay L. Byron is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, DC. Dr. Byron needed to update her professional head shots for various university and business publications. The results can be seen here

"Gerry was just the right photographer for me. He understood what I needed and was patient in taking a number of different shots that would reflect the real me, as opposed to a "photo-shopped" ideal of someone who looks like me. I appreciate his ease in getting the job done. I look forward to going to him in the future."

Thanks again,

4-13-17 - This from Terri Schaffer a photographer from Annapolis Maryland.

I am a photography hobbyist continually working to improve my photography and post processing skills.  Over the years I have edited my photos using the free software that came with my camera and eventually purchased Photoshop Elements13.  Elements has served me well, but when I needed to move beyond it, I purchased PhotoShop CC and LightRoom.  These programs are more advanced than I was used to; and online tutorials and my Lightroom book were not enough to help me understand how to properly import and edit my images. Then I found Gerry Suchy.

 Gerry is the best post processing photography tutor I could ever have hoped to meet.  He is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and professional in his manner.  I have learned so much from him, from importing images into Lightroom, to developing them in Lightroom and Photoshop.  He helped me to understand all the tools and patiently waited as I practiced with them and took notes on each one.  He also answers emails I send him promptly and thoroughly when I have follow-up questions.  If not for Gerry, I would still be struggling. I highly recommend Gerry to anyone trying to navigate the many facets of Lightroom and Photoshop.

8-24-17 - An updated testimonial from Jonna Huseman, a professional photographer in Silver Spring, Maryland. I feel like I've known Jonna forever but in actuality it's not been very long at all. What I am aware of is how amazing she has become both as a photographer and a businesswoman. Anyone who has started their own business knows how difficult and frustrating it can be. Jonna's talent, marketing savvy and sheer perseverance have brought her to where she is today. I couldn't be happier that I was able to play a small part in that learning process. So as they say, "you go girl."

This from Jonna Huseman, a professional photographer in Silver Spring, Maryland …

Gerry is an experienced photographer and graphic designer who now helps other photographers navigate the complex world of post-production. He meets me at my level and helps me build upon my existing knowledge of Adobe products so I can get the most out of the software, from editing to workflow. Here's a link to Jonna's blog.


In addition to teaching Photoshop and Lightroom, I am actually a competent photographer. I volunteered some time to photograph the clients of  Pathways to Housing DC as part of their upcoming fundraising event. This from Christy Respress, Executive Director at Pathways to Housing DC

Thank you so much for taking the time to travel around DC and photograph our clients in their residences. The portraits are beautiful and I can't wait to share them at our fundraiser. You have been such an awesome partner.
Christy Respress, Executive Director at Pathways to Housing DC


This from Jessica Green, a new owner of a Nikon DSLR. Here's what Jessica has to say about her experience …

I am a beginning photographer who recently took a 6 week photography workshop. After the course was over, I was excited to buy Lightroom 5. Although I watched some tutorials online, I decided face-to-face instruction would be more helpful for me. I found Gerry and am so glad I did! He came to my house in Arlington and worked with me and my husband. He was very knowledgeable and patient. He also followed up a few times via email to see if I had any questions.

Gerry also makes himself available for phone conferences. I ended up needing additional help and he walked me through everything step-by-step on the phone. He's very helpful.

Lastly, I mentioned to him that I was interested in getting a second lens. He emailed me different pictures he took with the different lenses he has. He also offered to let me try out his lenses before making a purchase.

I would highly recommend Gerry if you need editing help!

J. Green, Arlington, VA

This from Dave Myles, an aspiring semi-professional photographer with a passion for portrait photography. In my opinion Dave's skill behind the lens was already top notch but like so many others he needed some help with post processing in Lightroom and using Photoshop to add some artistic elements to his work. Here's what Dave has to say…

"Thanks again for the training. It's great to be able to get trained on exactly what I need instead of having to spend an entire day or weekend in a class. Being able to tailor the lessons on just what I need really maximizes the time. I'm sure I'll be coming to you again in need of more help!"

Dave Myles, Dave Myles Photography

This from Marilou Aballe, an amateur photographer and photo enthusiast who like so many of my clients sought out tutoring simply because she wanted to take her photography to the next level. Marilou says it best…

"As an amateur photography enthusiast and realizing the importance of post processing and file management , I came to Gerry Suchy with zero knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom and efficient photo file management. After  nine hourly sessions of tutorship with Gerry I came to understand these software tools and use them to enhance the level of photography that I am currently in. His thorough knowledge of these post processing softwares is top rate and he teaches the right tools to match your needs. I am a hands on learner and each session is well planned, productive and he is very generous in sharing tips, tricks and short cuts of the trade. More importantly he is very patient and always takes your situation in consideration during the learning process. On a scale of 1 to 10 he is very high up there in the rating factor. Just for illustration, my first post of a Blue Jay processed in Lightroom with some adjustments in Photoshop that I did under Gerry's guidance garnered over 340 plusses, 39 reshares and 135 comments on Google +  Need I say more?  I would recommend Gerry Suchy to anyone interested in taking your post processing skills to the next level.

Marilou Aballe 

This from Gregory Robison, the director of the John Main Center for Meditation and Interreligious Dialogue at Georgetown University in Washington, DC

When I'm working with Gerry Suchy, I am aware that I am working with a fellow artist. He has the judgment that only an artist has, namely, to know when a project is finished, to know when more fiddling and mucking about will not improve matters. And he has the self-confidence to say so. This not only results in better design, it's also good for the budget! His long experience in delivering for a variety of clients shows, too: he sweats the deadlines; he's responsive; and I always have the impression that between sessions with me he's been thinking about my design problems and objectives. This makes me consider him not as an occasional service provider, but as a member of my creative team.

Gregory Robison

This from a practicing attorney in Washington, DC who is in the midst of a career change and needed some tutoring in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

When I decided to go back to school to change careers from being a lawyer to Interior Design, I knew it would be a challenging task.  The first class I had, a summer course on Digital Design, confirmed my  suspicions.  Needless to say when I first started the course which attempts to cram a working knowledge of all three programs of the Adobe Design Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design) into one semester class, I was completely at a lost.  I was very overwhelmed and couldn't imagine how I would complete the three projects that would go into comprising my grade.  I struggled at first, the class books, for me weren't very comprehensible, and so I finally decided to get some help.  I found Gerry on Craig's List. I can say everything turned around for me at that point.  I found Gerry to be extremely patient and his teaching style is very basic and easy to understand and remember.  He was able to explain many of the processes in ways that were simpler and less complicated than the books did.  It was amazing how much I started to pick things up.  Although, I completed my projects myself, Gerry assisted me with getting through some of the sticking points, or with understanding some of the processes I was having difficulty with and that were hanging me up so that I would not have to spend hours of my time simply trying to figure things out.  In the end I got through the class with far less stress than I initially thought I would, given that I was also working full time as an attorney.  It only took me three sessions to ultimately turn out three completed projects which I could be proud of and which my professor was very impressed by.  The icing on the cake was that I got an "A" in the class...amazing!  I certainly have Gerry to thank for that.  He is definitely an expert and proficient in all three programs, and I would recommend him highly to anyone like myself or to anyone who is seeking to improve their skills in any of the three programs.  Your money will not be wasted.

Khadijah Ali, Attorney at Law Washington, DC

This from a semi-pro photographer who is a full time mom, holds a full time job and runs a successful photography business …

“I knew that to compete in the portrait photography business in Northern VA I had to strengthen my photo editing skills (photoshop). When I started working with Gerry I got so much more than a Photoshop tutor! I got a mentor, motivator and professional advisor. Gerry has been there to give me technical assistance as well as small business advice. He has encouraged me in my organizational skills & he provides me with easy to understand instructions and I feel empowered after we meet to take my photography to more creative levels.

Thanks to Gerry and his support I have been able to focus less on the technical details that tend to overwhelm me and I can focus more on my love for photography!” Marti Mefford Photography

Here’s another from a semi pro photographer who has been a client …

“Your insights, photoshop skills, consultations and mentoring have been priceless in bringing this business to where it is today. Tim DiMacchia”

Tim DiMacchia, Owner, Tim DiMacchia Photography

A photoshop tutoring client …

“I needed a Photoshop tutor to help me upgrade my skills as the web editor at NAFCU. Gerry came to my office once a week for one hour and got me established with the basics that I needed to know. He has the patience to teach a “newbie” and the ability to make complex materials easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone.”

David Murray, Web Editor, NAFCU

A photoshop tutoring client and a prodigious amateur photographer …

“Gerry is my go to guy for all things Photoshop. I’m finally getting my moneys worth from all that expensive camera gear and Adobe software. He is just an awesome tutor.”

Stephon M. , DDS

Two stay at home moms with a serious photography habit …

“We were Gerry’s first two group tutoring clients. Having done our fair share of adult education classes we were not prepared for total immersive awesomeness. We both wanted to make the move from budget photo processing to what the pros use and with hundreds of images scattered all over the place we needed some help. Without making us feel like total newbies, Gerry got us organized and showed us how to stay that way. His easy to learn and fun way of presenting has made this a great experience and keeps us coming back for more.”

Chloe Spielman & Nancy McNulty, Photoshop Moms.

This from an aspiring photographer and full time mom who wants to learn Photoshop so she can take her small home-based photography business to the next level…

"As someone with absolutely no Adobe Photoshop experience, choosing Gerry as my tutor was the best decision I could have made. He is extremely patient, has flexible session times, and is very knowledgeable. Gerry is committed to making sure your understanding of how to use the program is clear and understood, and not just while you are learning in his studio. He is very receptive to emails and responds in a quick and timely manner. The advice he has given me in starting my own business has helped me tremendously. I look forward to working with Gerry for a very long time."

Melody Campbell