This is John

Another Installment of "The Invisible Ones" of Washington, DC

I first saw John pushing this very large cart stacked with his worldly belongings along M street headed in the direction of Georgetown in Washington, DC. He stopped to rest in a small park just East of the trendy shopping district in Georgetown. When I first approached him he seemed to just ignore me focusing on the newspaper he had pulled from a trash can. When he finally looked up, I explained what I was doing and told him about the photography project. I asked if I could take his photograph and he simply said, do whatever you want but go away after you're done. So I took what opportunity I was given and offered John a food voucher in return which he refused. I can't know for certain that John is actually his name. What is fairly certain is that this gentleman has been on the streets for quite a awhile. I have seen him on numerous occasions pushing his cart through the city streets but have never been able to engage him in a conversation. Maybe another time. Winter will be hard on people like this. If you see him do what you can to help him out.