This is Sky

Another installment of "The Invisible Ones" of Washington, DC

I have seen Sky on several previous occasions. I should say, I've seen a pile of tattered blankets and a plastic tarp with what appeared to be a person underneath asleep. I came by this location later in the morning and found Sky to be awake and passively panhandling. She has two small dogs as her companions that did not come out from beneath the blankets. Sky tells me that she has been living on the streets of Washington, DC for almost two years and hopes to get back to Colorado where she is from. That would be the last bit of reality-based conversation that we would have. Any further questions from me were met with rambling, delusional comments about how she designed and built many of the buildings in DC, including the Kennedy Center. When asked about family or contact with Social Service agencies in DC, she just looks away and then reverts to a more delusional conversation. Sky does not appear to have any belongings beyond what she is wearing and supplies for the dogs which come from benefactors who pass by her location. It is always interesting that persons who are homeless with pets always seem to have more benefactors than those without. Sky's location at 1st & M Streets in the trendy NOMA neighborhood of Washington, DC puts her right in the middle of several upscale apartment buildings, a food market,  numerous restaurants and many dog owners who I'm sure are concerned for her pets. While all of this works to Sky's advantage, she is still living on the street, suffering from what appears to be a serious mental illness and, for the most part, is invisible to hundreds of people who pass her by every day.