This is John

Another installment of "The Invisible Ones" of Washington, DC

This is john. A homeless man living on the streets of Washington, DC for by his estimate, the last 15 years. I saw John sitting on a sidewalk bench at 13th and H Streets which is in the middle of busy downtown DC. He had no shoes, his socks were filthy from walking and his feet were swollen. He said that someone had stolen his shoes at the shelter where he slept last evening. John alludes to other medical problems that he needs to have tests for but is fearful to do that as he doesn't trust hospitals. John has no belongings other than what he is wearing and is really bad at panhandling as he doesn't interact with passersby, relying instead on the hope that they will approach him. He says a woman stopped by earlier and said she would bring him some shoes. I hope for John's sake this is true. At least warmer weather is upon us and being on the street is not so life threatening. John agreed to this photograph in exchange for food voucher and a bottle of water.