This is PK and her two pets.

Another installment of "The Invisible Ones" of Washington, DC

This is "PK" and her two pets

PK was brought to my attention by a woman who had seen my Facebook project "Homeless in DC." She had asked if I had ever seen this woman who had two dogs, a beagle and a chihuahua and was frequently sitting in front of Union Station in Washington, DC. I was not aware of her but promised that I would search for her on my next photo outing. Sure enough, I found her this morning as she was just waking up for the day. PK, as she prefers to be called, has been homeless on the streets of DC for just three months. She came here from California to be with a friend living in DC. This didn't work out for some reason and she found herself on the streets. Since it was Summer and the nights were warm sleeping outdoors in Front of Union Station at the Columbus Fountain was tolerable and really her only option as there are no shelters in DC that accept pets. PK is very attached to her two dogs and does her best to provide for them using whatever money she has to make sure they are fed. As for PK she has no plans to try and return to California as there is nothing for her there. She is most concerned about how she will manage when the weather changes and she is still unsheltered and out in the cold. It is not often that people who are homeless have no options at all when it comes to shelter. For PK her options involve giving her pets so that she can be sheltered, which is no option at all as her pets are to quote PK, "all I have left." As a lifelong dog owner I feel for PK and her companions. My sincere hope is that anyone who follows me and my homeless projects will do what they can to help PK. She can be found on the East side of the Columbus Fountain at Union Station. Be sure and say hello to the dogs as well.