This is Charles

Another installment of "The Invisible Ones of Washington, DC."

This is Charles Purcell, a man who has been homeless in Washington, DC for the past year. Charles is a remarkable man. You can see for yourself if you stop to take the time to speak with him which I highly recommend you do. You can find him at North Capitol St.& Massachusetts Ave. in Washington, DC. Charles is a well spoken and passionate advocate for the homeless. Unlike me, he walks the walk everyday rather than just writing about it. I find that level of street cred to be extraordinary. Charles has a FB page, Homeless United which he uses to both raise awareness about people who are homeless in DC and to connect to another page where he is raising money to distribute Raising Awareness tee shirts to people who are homeless in DC. His vision being a small army of men and women all wearing a tee shirt such as the one he has in this photo. That would be something worth seeing. You can help him out by visiting