This is Marcus

Another installment of "The Invisible Ones of Washington,DC"

I was sitting in a coffee shop near Dupont Circle in Washington, DC when I spotted Marcus and his dog Snoop across the street. They were emerging from a recessed doorway where they had spent the night. Marcus was busily folding blankets and cardboard into a tidy pile that could be carried elsewhere. Snoop was sitting quietly watching the morning passers-by who ignored them both. Marcus told me that he has only been homeless for about six weeks. Prior to that he was living in a boarding house and working as a food delivery man using his bicycle for transportation. He was kicked out of the boarding house after the landlord discovered he had a dog. While sleeping in the park his bicycle was stolen. So now he has what he can carry and, of course, his companion, Snoop. Marcus is a remarkably upbeat and affable young man who is optimistic that he will find a place for himself and his dog, as well as employment. Marcus says he has no family in the area so he is on his own. Things will be difficult for Marcus to say the least. An 80-pound pit bull is not easily accommodated in a boarding house and cannot be taken to work in most places. So for the time being Marcus panhandles to support himself and feed Snoop. He agreed to this photograph in exchange for a food voucher and a bottle of water. If you see Marcus and Snoop in the Dupont Circle area, say hello. Ask if you can help out in someway. don't be afraid of Snoop, he's a sweet and gentle dog.